One Wallet, Unlimited Potential


Multiple Signatures

  • Wallet Holders

Wallet holders will be provided encrypted parts of the MSW’s private key to manage the transactions of the wallet through a voting system. You can compare with any other performing crypto wallets to know the efficacy. Check this bitcoin wallet vergleich Deutschland review.

  • Limited Time Keys (Allowance Feature)

On top, Limited Time Keys will be able to be generated and provided to non-wallet holders, with a preset time span & spending limit.

  • Generate New Signature

Through the voting system, if the wallet holders decide to, new signature holders will be able to be added to the MSW.

All Cryptocurrencies

  • Major Cryptocurrencies

All major listed cryptocurrencies will be available for depositing and withdrawing, to wallet holders.

  • User requests

Cryptocurrencies with high demand, apart from the top 100 listed on exchanges will be supported through user voting.


  • SeRP℠

Powered by SeRP™ security protocol, Multisignio Wallets ensure not only that customers’ crypto-assets are secured but more importantly retrievable at any time. By keeping the wallet's private key segmented on each key holder's personalized information contract, the protocol ensures that no matter what happens to the contracts that handle the wallet, the funds stored within will always be retrievable.

  • Retrievable Keys

If part of a private key is lost, through the voting system, a new one can be generated & used.

Friendly UI

  • Casual

Multisignio intends to provide casual cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a simple, polished and streamlined UI, making crypto-asset management easier than ever!

  • P2P Chat

Encrypted peer to peer chat will be available to all users between key holders.

  • Veterans

Veteran users are offered advanced options that include advanced pass-phrase based backup system and member addition/removal through the voting system.

Decentralized Autonomous Network

  • DAN

The Decentralized Autonomous Network (DAN) allows only AI-powered nodes to connect to the blockchain, thus making the Multisignio side-chain immutable & private from prying eyes, including the developers.

  • Proxies & Nodes

In order for the DAN to communicate with the blockchains that MSW supports, AI powered proxies will be set-up that will scan the network in order to reflect proper balances on the wallets and conduct transactions.

  • Veterans

Veteran users are offered advanced options that include advanced pass-phrase based backup system and member addition/removal through the voting system.

Zero Gas Cost

The wallet subscription model we offer finances the blockchain's operation and as such, immediate transactions with no costs are offered to all transactions that take place on the Multisignio network.

Why Multisignio?
Case Study: Parity
   The latest Ethereum Parity hack resulted in the loss of over 280 million dollars prompting a lot of people to question the security & efficiency of multi-signature wallets as secure cryptocurrency storages.

   Amidst the confusion & heat we seized the opportunity to finally present our product which has been in the making the past few months. Our ultimatum is to become the multi-signature wallet provider.
Segmented Retrieval Protocol

   The Segmented (encrypted) Retrieval Protocol is a ground-breaking alternative to the current multi-signature wallet security solutions. By keeping the wallet's private key segmented on each key holder's personalized information contract, the protocol ensures that no matter what happens to the contracts that handle the wallet, the funds stored within will always be retrievable.

Retrievable funds Segmented private key

This protocol was invented as a counter-measure to the Parity hack which can only provably be solved by a hard-fork.

Bitcoin Probe
Ethereum Probe
User-Voted Probe
Bitcoin Cash Probe
Ripple Probe
Litecoin Probe
IOTA Probe
Cardano Probe
Dash Probe
NEM Probe
Monero Probe
EOS Probe
NEO Probe
Qtum Probe
Global Node Network
   Our network, apart from acting as a multi-currency side-chain, also acts as a sharded database of the wallets' private keys & the users' info. As such, in order to be able to support users worldwide at blazing fast speeds, we have selected geographically ideal cities where we will host the AI powered nodes.

   This further decentralizes the operation of our network by spreading it out around the globe. Blockchain Probes are also planned to help keep the Multisignio network up-to-date with the blockchains of the currencies it supports.
Worker Node
Proxy Node
Filter Node
Worker Node
New Delhi
Proxy Node
Hong Kong
Filter Node
Worker Node
Proxy Node
Costa Rica
San Jose
Filter Node
United States
Multi Node
Global Coverage
Multisignio MSG Token
   The MSG utility token will act as the main entrance point to the Multisignio network. In order to associate your Ethereum address with an MSG Wallet on our network, you will need to pay a yearly subscription model via our token. This ensures that we will be able to maintain our autonomous network for years to come and respond swiftly according to demand by upgrading our infrastructure.

   By recirculating any tokens acquired by the sale of MSG Wallets automatically via a Smart Contract, we ensure a healthy ecosystem for our token & healthy price fluctuations.
  1. Token Pre-sale

    January 17th, 2018

    Until March 1st our private token sale will be live, available only to those who have white-listed their address according to our announcement thread. During this time our token will be available at a hugely discounted price with a very limited supply of 20 million MSG tokens.

  2. Token Sale Begins

    March 1st, 2018

    This date marks the beginning of our Token Sale period relying on a time & supply based discount model. There are 4 total price points in our sale period, with each price point advancing to the next if either of the following criteria have been met: The pre-determined supply has been sold at that price point || The time frame of the price point has finished.

  3. Token Sale Ends

    March 31st, 2018

    If our token sale has ended successfully, we will already have been working on bringing our project to life. The token sale's end simply allows us to utilize the funds that have been invested to us & allocate the appropriate resources to the required departments (Legal, Advertising etc.).

  4. Basic MSG Wallet

    May 1st, 2018 | $500,000 Milestone

    Should the necessary funding been acquired, we will have developed a fully functional multisignature wallet that is independant from all current blockchains. The required funding will be allocated towards securing the necessary servers for our network's nodes to operate on in addition to the constant daily, legal & advertising expenses.

  5. Multi-currency MSG Wallet

    June 1st, 2018 | $1 Million Milestone

    The development of the multi-currency capabilities of the MSG wallet will have been finalized by June 1st in accordance to our Milestone-based roadmap. Additionally, a limited amount of our planned blockchain proxies will be fully operational with more to come as we progress.

  6. Transparent Wallet

    Q3, 2018 | $2.5 Million Milestone

    The transparent wallet will have concluded its development cycle on the 15th of July with the extra functionality of the wallet's smart contract being deployed on the live Multisignio network.

  7. Advanced User Interface

    Q4, 2018 | $5 Million Milestone

    Additional footwork will have been laid out for the final user interface of our application with many advanced features such as peer-to-peer PGP encrypted live-chat for informing key-holders about any transactions you are wishing to make, personalized profile pages with information stored on smart contracts on the Multisignio blockchain, selective availability of your profile to other users according to the settings stored on the smart contract & many more features which will be revealed in the future.

  8. Corporate Wallet

    Q1, 2019 | $10 Million Milestone

    Development of the specialized corporate wallet will have been completed, with our AI-powered node technology being converted to a modular program, enabling other companies & ICOs to collaborate with us for a possible implementation of our network on their servers as a private blockchain. Additionally, the interface of the business-oriented wallet will have been completed, allowing users to essentially use our blockchain-powered platform as a social business application.

  9. Mobile Application

    Q3, 2019 | $20 Million Milestone

    The Mobile Application is going to be in the late stages of its development cycle with a finalized version being released simultaneously on all mobile platforms near the end of the third quarter of 2019.

  10. Global Node Network

    Q4, 2019, More than $40 Million Milestone

    Although our infrastructure will contstantly be updated to match demands on all previous milestones, we hope by the end of 2019 to have secured operating servers worldwide with a multitude of nodes, service providers & blockchain probes being online all over the world. If this milestone is reached, the Multisignio Wallet will be the only viable wallet in the cryptocurrency market, securing our dominant position in the wallet-provider space for years to come.